Are You Considering Abortion?

If you are considering having an abortion, make sure you do the following first:

Confirm Pregnancy

Whether you have already taken a pregnancy test at home or simply just think you might be pregnant, you deserve medical confirmation of pregnancy through a free and confidential ultrasound. If you are considering abortion, make sure you really understand if you are pregnant, how far along you are, and if the pregnancy is viable (likely to continue or naturally miscarry). At Options for Women, we can offer you a free and confidential limited obstetrical ultrasound.

Gather Information

If you are considering having an abortion, you should know that abortion is a medical procedure. You deserve to have all the information about the different abortion procedures, possible complications and side effects, laws on abortion, and your rights, before making a decision. At Options for Women, we can walk you through medically accurate information on abortion.

Learn About Your Other Options

When a woman is pregnant, she has three options before her – parenting, adoption, and abortion. Before making such a big life decision, take the opportunity to look at all your options. Embrace the hope that comes with having choices. Take your time; it is your decision and no one can force you into anything. Here at Options for Women, we can sit down with you and explore each of your options. We provide information and resources so you can be empowered and have peace of mind, knowing you looked at all options and chose the best one.

Talk to Someone

If you are considering abortion, you could use someone to talk to right now! Before making a decision, allow yourself to speak with someone who cares about you and your story. You don’t have to go through this alone, and you may find it helpful to get another perspective. At Options for Women, we care about you as a unique and special person. We will listen and not judge you; we will let you process and get it all off your shoulders.

This information is intended for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional counseling and/or medical advice. Our center offers consultations and accurate information about all pregnancy options, but we do not offer or refer for abortion services.

Considering Abortion

Get Confidential Help and Support if You Are Considering Abortion