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You may be feeling overwhelmed, scared or confused about being pregnant. Or maybe you just need some support for your pregnancy / parenting journey. Or perhaps you have questions about your sexual health. 

Our clinic offers a safe, confidential place for you to talk to someone about your situation and explore choices for your next steps.

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    Medical Director, MD

    Lloyd Holm

    ED, Retired OBGYN


    Nurse Manager, APNP


    Ultrasound Technician, RDMS

    Joni Renfro

    RN Nurse, Sonographer

    Michelle DeLeon

    Bilingual Client Advocate

    Mayra Mendez

    Bilingual Client Advocate

    Melissa Kostichka

    Client Advocate

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    A woman getting an abortion relayed this conversation with her abortion clinic counselor: “What does a three-month-old fetus look like?” “Just a clump of cells,” she answered matter-of-factly. Later this same woman viewed pictures of fetal development. She said, “When I saw that a three-month-old ‘clump of cells’ had fingers and toes and was aContinue reading

    Banquet and Fundraiser

    Our mission is to offer loving support and services to those experiencing an unexpected or difficult pregnancy. We do this through free and confidential services such as pregnancy testing, STD testing, OB ultrasounds, baby supplies, parenting classes and more. YOU can help those facing an unexpected pregnancy by supporting us at this year’s Banquet andContinue reading

    When Does Life Really Begin?

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