Do I Need An Ultrasound Before An Abortion?

Are you or someone you know pregnant and considering your pregnancy options? Not sure what to expect during a clinic or hospital visit? We know there are a lot of questions and concerns you need answered. We hear YOU and have the information that you are looking for. Here is a quick guide to answer your commonly asked question: “Do I need an ultrasound before an abortion?”

What You Need To Know

We understand you might have challenges during your pregnancy. You are not alone in seeking honest support. You have the right to receive all information required to make the most accurate decision about your pregnancy. 

Wisconsin Law requires several factors to be followed before a patient receives abortion medications or abortion procedures.

Wisconsin Statute 253.10(3) requires that the doctor explains specific information to patients such as the age and stage or your embryo/fetus, medical risks associated with each abortion medical procedure, and medical risks if you carry to term. A doctor must meet with you at least 24 hours before the abortion except in a medical emergency.

Visit to learn more about the Wisconsin Law, development of the fetus/embryo at each stage, abortion procedures, medical risks, and more.

Not all women receive the same form of medical (medication or procedural) abortion. Therefore a woman’s stage of pregnancy determines which form of abortion she receives. 

No-Cost Services at Options for Women

At Options for Women / River Falls, we offer lab-quality pregnancy testing as well as no-cost Obstetrical Ultrasounds. Our urine-sample pregnancy test is done on-site and results are ready within several minutes. We offer Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound for those who have a positive pregnancy test. 

Meet with a Nurse and/or certified Client Advocate who will explain your options, answer your questions, and provide support.

“Why is an Ultrasound recommended before an abortion?”

We offer Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds for three reasons: to medically confirm a positive pregnancy test, to verify that the pregnancy is viable and that there is a heartbeat (located within the uterus and likely to continue), and to determine how far along the pregnancy is.

Meet with a caring Nurse who will answer your medical questions. Clients are welcome to invite a support person during their visit at Options for Women. We are here for you.

We Can Answer Your Questions

Need to discuss your pregnancy options on abortion, parenting, and adoption? We offer medical services to help you find peace of mind. All of our services are free – no strings attached.

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