An Adoptive Parent's Story

It wasn’t the plan. At least it wasn’t my plan. But as it turned out, It was God’s good plan.

My family exists because two brave young women gave the ultimate gift. There are no words that can fully express my gratitude or their sacrifice. With a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, my family is the result of two magnificent adoption stories.

It was during labor pains that Alana made the choice to bless my husband and I with a boy, Evan. Thirteen years ago, we walked into the hospital room and saw Alana holding her baby boy. She looked at my husband and me and asked, “Would you like to hold your son?” My heart burst with joy as her heart no doubt shattered. Two women that immensely loved this tiny human that was not even yet 24-hours’ old. Alana was able to give life and out of her selflessness, she created the beginnings of my family. I will never forget when she said her goodbye at the hospital. The hugs. The tears. My heart broke for her. She is one of the strongest women that I know.

We had a little more time to get to know our daughter’s birth mom, Lydea, as she chose us a couple of months before her due date. Lydea requested that I be present during labor and delivery, which was an incredible gift for me. She had great peace regarding her adoption decision, as she prayerfully considered her options and knew that God picked our family. It was a heart-wrenching goodbye at the hospital, as I watched Lydea kiss her baby girl and place her in my arms. Another strong woman that I’m forever grateful for.

From day one we have always prayed for our children’s birth moms by name. Through our semi-open adoptions, we regularly send pictures and letters to Alana and Lydea via the adoption agency. We talk to  Evan and Mia about how much they are loved by their birth moms. They know of the selfless gifts that created our family just the way God intended.  

I can only speculate the rollercoaster of emotions that a birth mom experiences when she makes the decision to pursue adoption for her child. But as an adoptive mom, I can tell you that there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look into my children’s eyes and think about the gift of life and the family that was created out of absolute selflessness.


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