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We always want to be ready for whatever life throws our way. There are times in life where we will face moments we feel stuck, scared, and confused. During those times, do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help. If your girlfriend or wife is pregnant and you do not know your next steps, ask someone reliable for guidance. You do not have to wonder or worry alone! 

She’s Pregnant…

You believe that your girlfriend or wife is pregnant. Do you feel at a loss of direction for what your next steps are? Stay calm and talk to your girlfriend or wife when you begin to stress. Together you can come to a sensible conclusion for your futures. There are three major factors for you to consider:

First, listen to her thoughts and let her know that you care. The easiest way to continue moving forward is making sure that both you and your girlfriend or wife have a mutual understanding. Find a foundation you can build on. Both of your thoughts matter, share them. Second, encourage her to reach out for support. Find a center that cares about you. As stated on our website, “At Options for Women, we offer free and confidential services like pregnancy testing, pregnancy testing [Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound], information on pregnancy options (parenting, adoption, abortion), resources and support.” Third, Talk to Someone. Learning about an unplanned pregnancy can be scary. Many men and women have wondered where they will turn for help and to make the best decision. You are not alone in this process. 

Male Client Advocate

Our Men’s Client Advocate has been in your situation. He will gladly take the time to listen and help you with your needs. As stated on our website, “Navigating the practical parts of fatherhood, supporting the woman in your life, learning what to expect, and fatherhood skills…Dan is here for you.” We look forward to assisting you with all of your needs.

If you’d like confidential help and support, contact us at and let us know what your concerns and thoughts are. Our Client Advocates are with you every step of the way.

I Would Like To Make An Appointment

Options for Women wants to help you overcome your concerns. Schedule an appointment today at or call today at (715) 425-8539. Walk-ins are accepted as well. Do not wonder or worry alone!


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