Best Birth Control

What is the Best Birth Control Available?

Abstinence is making the choice not to have any form of sexual intercourse and it is the best available birth control. People choose this practice to prevent pregnancy for many reasons. Abstinence is also used to stop or slow the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Abstinence is also referred to as Natural Family Planning (NFP). Natural Family Planning is the frame of time in a woman’s menstrual cycle where the couple refrains from sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy for a more fitting time, typically marriage. 

Why Should I Consider Abstinence?

Many people choose to practice abstinence for many reasons. 

  • Effectiveness 
  • No hormonal changes
  • Learn more about one’s own health
  • FREE

It’s the Only Birth Control that is 100% Effective

Abstinence will always be 100% effective in stopping pregnancy. Many people refer to or think of Natural Family Planning when thinking of abstinence. Abstinence is not easy, but it is possible. The best ways to be successful at abstinence are practice, patience, and positivity.

  • Practice – When you are trying to stop a bad habit it is common to relapse many times before you can finally break the cycle. Similar to that, you may act on sexual urges when the moment feels right. Talk with your partner when this happens. Where did the urge begin? What can you do to avoid that urge? People will often go on walks, talk over their concerns with their partner, or get back to an old or new hobby. There will always be an alternative that works. Find one that works best for you!
  • Patience – you and your partner might not agree right away. Really! That may not be a surprise to either or you. Whether sexually active together for one month or five years it can be hard to break the cycle. You may wonder if you may grow apart or if you might lose interest in your partner. Together you and your partner might have a strong bond. Build off that bond! Talk things out and push your partner to do better. It is possible. 
  • Positivity – Refraining from sex might be a new challenge for you. It is not a guarantee that every moment will be easy. Tears and frustration are common. Work things out TOGETHER. Listen to what your partner has to say. Both opinions and thoughts matter! Be positive! 

Negative Side Effects of Hormonal Birth Control

With birth control, users often point out their hormonal changes. Common side effects include weight gain or loss, acne, mood changes, sleep changes, and more. You can continue to feel like yourself without the use of other birth control forms!

Be in Control of Your Sexual Health

You will be able to see firsthand how being in control of your own health is empowering! Discuss with your partner what you want from your relationship. If it is hard to follow through (for you or your partner) ask for help! You can always do research and find ways to make practicing abstinence easier. Staying busy and finding new hobbies often helps! 

You want something that will work without the stress of unneeded financial costs. Abstinence will always be FREE. It will always be an option that works for you.

I Would Like to Practice Abstinence!

Don’t know where to start? Options for Women – River Falls is here for you! A trained Client Advocate will help you cover your concerns and questions. Find referrals designed for your needs. 

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