What Should I Expect During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time full of emotions and questions, especially during the first trimester. Sometimes, it can be hard to know what to expect and how you should feel. Many questions can arise such as “how much water should I take in during the day?” or “how much weight should I gain during each trimester?” No matter which stage of pregnancy that you are in, you can have peace knowing there is support for you.

How Many Weeks Are In My First Trimester?

There are three trimesters in a pregnancy. The first trimester of a pregnancy is week 1 to week 13, the second trimester is week 14 to week 27, and the third trimester is week 28 to week 40 or until the baby arrives. Every pregnant woman experiences pregnancy in her own way, but overall women can expect many similarities.

Your Babies Growth During The First Trimester of Pregnancy

Your baby does the most changing during the first trimester! 

Here you get a sense of what is happening each week from how big your baby is to the new features that are developing!

By week 4: Your baby is now an embryo and the size of a poppy seed!

By week 8: Your baby has hands and feet, but now, fingers and toes are developing! His respiratory system is beginning to form.

By week 13: You are in your third month! His fingerprints are starting to form. He is the size of a peapod – 3 inches long and ¾ ounce.

Baby is changing frequently! Your body will experience hormonal shifts and physical changes. Find ways to stay in control!

Your Body Preparing For Baby

Your body is going to change for your developing baby. In your first trimester, you might experience nausea, fatigue, frequent urination, and other symptoms. Some of the best tips to help you feel your best while pregnant are:

  • Eat healthy
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise
  • Consult your doctor to see how much weight you should gain

Many women take prenatal vitamins before, during, and right after their pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins help your babies teeth and bones grow strong! Good prenatal vitamins consists of folic acid, iron, calcium, and vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and iodine (Mayo Clinic)

Ask your doctor what is going to benefit you the most.

How Can I Check On My Baby’s Progress?

Options for Women – River Falls provides free and confidential services. We have certified ultrasound technicians and nurses ready to meet you. We have limited obstetrical ultrasounds that verify that you are pregnant, how far along you are, and if the pregnancy is viable, or likely to continue.

Before your ultrasound appointment, clients meet with a caring and knowledgeable client advocate. The client advocate covers general pregnancy forms with you. Once completed, the client advocate will walk you through the steps of our pregnancy testing procedure. Our testing is done by a simple urine sample – results are ready within minutes! With a positive pregnancy test, you can visit for your limited obstetrical ultrasound! From there, you have the ability to see your baby!

To learn more, visit us at optionsforwomenrf.com/ultrasounds. We are here to help support you!


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