Breastfeeding Mom

Why Does Healthy Eating Matter?

Eating healthy during, after, and even before a pregnancy allows a child to get a great start in life. All mother and baby needs are different. No matter what stage of life a person is in, it is important to get proper nutrients for their lifestyle needs.

Diet For The Breastfeeding Mom

Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding it is important to note that every need is different. As women, it is important to take culture, tradition, doctor recommendations,  and our own personal knowledge of our bodies into consideration to find diets suitable for us.

Breastfeeding mothers should focus on protein rich foods to help stay energized. There is no doubt that your body is going through dramatic changes. Foods like meat, eggs, beans, and dairy can help keep your body feeling refreshed and motivated. Keep protein-rich snacks close by to eat when you feel hungry or need to recharge.

Chances are mothers who focus on getting the proper serving sizes of each food group will not need to change their diet. Having a well balanced diet is important.

Bottle-Feeding Facts

Similar to breastfeeding it is important to maintain a diet that is rich with protein. Finding a formula made for your babies needs might be difficult. Always consulting with your doctor first is a great idea! Things to consider when finding a formula for your baby:

  • Find the formula best for baby – There are three types to choose from. Cow’s milk formula, soy formula, and specialized formula. 
  • Find the formula style best for baby – There are three types to choose from. Powder, liquid concentrate, and ready to feed bottles.

Choosing what is best for your baby does not have to be hard! Still not sure what is best for you or would like assistance? Options for Women is here to answer your questions!

Keep In Mind

Trying new things can feel scary and frustrating. If you change your diet and notice that your newborn becomes irritable or has an allergic reaction, keep a journal and contact your doctor. Your health is important. Do not be afraid to ask for help!

Babies have their own schedule. Some eat every two hours and some will need to be fed on demand. It will take time getting used to your new routine.

You are forming such an incredible bond with your newborn! Holding your child creates a deep bond that is important for other factors in life. These factors include emotional bonds and mental development to flourish for all milestones. 

Options for Women client advocates are here for you. Are you in need of advice or supplies? Our Earn While You Learn program is for you! Learn about important milestones, nursing tips, and more. Your wellness is important to us.


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