Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship can be defined in many ways. Generally, most can agree that a healthy relationship is having a mutual connection of love, trust, and honesty with your significant other. Whether you are looking for a relationship, or are in one, there are several things you should consider in order to have a lasting, healthy relationship with your partner. Being in a relationship takes time, effort, and careful consideration. We will explore the foundations on how to have a healthy relationship. 

Natural Connection

You can start off by asking yourself if you are dating, or looking for a relationship, for the “right reasons.” Share your values, hopes, and dreams with your partner. Do your standards match your partners? Enjoy their company and grow with them. You can tell almost immediately if a person is serious about you or is still trying to figure out the person they want to be. Hold on tight to the things you value as they are a deep reflection of the person you are. 

Another piece to consider is “how long do you see yourself with them?” Strong connections happen. Is the connection you are experiencing due to the “honeymoon phase of dating” or because you sincerely enjoy the other person’s company? What does your gut instinct say about the person? Do they have a beautiful personality that makes you feel comfortable to be around them? Take people as they come, and do not allow a future fantasy to smudge the way they truly present themselves to you. People can and do change, but pay attention to how they treat you and other people now. 

Set Healthy Boundaries – Intellectual and Physical

You are an individual who is always growing. Although you are a couple, you both have your own interests and hobbies. Allow a friendship to blossom and grow. Boundaries help to establish how you want to be treated in your relationship. Which types of behaviors do you find acceptable? Setting healthy boundaries are important so that we can be the best version of ourselves.

A part of establishing healthy boundaries is setting physical boundaries. Physical boundaries help you and your partner know how you both want to be treated. Physical boundaries can be anything from deciding on whether you spend the night at each other’s house to how often you go on dates. You should talk to your partner, and encourage them, about creating physical boundaries. Always allow room in your relationship for a good conversation. In return, you are allowing authentic love to flourish between you and your partner for many years to come.

What’s Not a Healthy Relationship

It is easy to understand when things are going well and when you are happy. You should not be focused on finding a relationship if you are bored or lonely. Dating to fill an empty feeling will not help either you or your partner in the long-run. Do not feel guilty or pressured into dating somebody as both of you will be displeased throughout the relationship. Go beyond the social norm of dating for instant gratification and create a strong foundation between you and your partner.

What Now?

In terms of currently being in a relationship, how would you describe your dating life? Have you built a strong foundation to be a compatible partner? Are you in it to honor and respect your partner? For those looking to be in a relationship, have you taken the time to sit back and create the best version of you that you can possibly be? Are you looking for a lifelong partner? Here is a link to a quiz to help you start thinking about your current relationship. The results of the quiz allow you to gain a sense of the kind of relationship you are in. If you could see who you would be spending the rest of your life with, would you make changes immediately or be satisfied as you are?

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