Natural Birth Control

FEMM is a simple, non-invasive method to chart your menstrual cycles. You simply track your physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, cervical fluid, and abnormal or questionable symptoms on paper or through the FEMM app. With a FEMM session, you learn how to chart your cycle by specific colors and symbols; and it is a great natural birth control. Super easy!

Frequent tracking will help determine your overall physical well-being and where your fertile window is.

The more cycles you track, the better! Women who use FEMM to chart their cycles will discover unique trends. Some women find that their cycles vary greatly in length. Other women find that they are under stress, their period is short or has been skipped. Every woman has her own unique cycle that plays a huge role in her everyday life.

What does FEMM stand for?

FEMM stands for Fertility Education and Medical Management. This wellness method can be broken into two parts. Fertility Education can help women understand their fertility. Medical Management can help women understand their hormones and health conditions. FEMM is a powerful tool to understand the body and stay in control!

This program is tracked by you with a simple chart or through the FEMM app, (

Is FEMM for Me?

Learn more about your body and become familiar with how your cycle functions! You can learn how to track your own cycles. You can learn more about why you feel irritable at certain times of your cycle, how hormones affect your daily life, how to it can be used as a natural birth control option, and how to treat menstrual symptoms naturally.

Options for Women – River Falls

Lucky for you! Options for Women – River Falls offers FEMM sessions. The sessions are free and confidential! Meet with a caring Client Advocate who will discuss your needs. Do you want to track your health, learn more about your body, or manage your fertility? We help provide the necessary steps to complete all tasks!

At appointments, you will discuss different hormones and what they do. Discuss common symptoms women experience and when it might be time to see a doctor. Make FEMM your first step to manage your fertility and livelihood! 

Schedule your appointment online or call us at 715-425-8539. Walk-ins available. Help you can count on. Resources you can trust.


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