Pornography problem

Pornography is a problem. Pornography addiction is very alive. It is a pandemic. With easy access to the internet, children and adults all over the world struggle with the urge of self pleasure. 

Pornography Is Not For Me

The first step is always the hardest. Admitting that you have a problem is terrifying and difficult. Have you noticed repeating behaviors of depression or anger after watching pornography? Have you viewed relationships differently? Maybe you have lost your sense of value? Pornography is not for you. 

The need for wanting porn is a compulsive behavior. You have an urge that you want satisfied immediately. Wait! Take a breath and take a walk. Break the cycle of satisfying your needs. Fight The New Drug, an organization dedicated to stopping pornography addiction in all forms for all ages, states that “Repeated consumption of porn causes the brain to literally rewire itself. It triggers the brain to pump out chemicals…leading to profound and lasting changes in the brain.”

I Need Help

If you wish to end your addiction, reach out. Talk to a reliable friend, family member, or someone you can trust. Educate yourself on the topic. Know that people who struggle with pornogrpahy are not all addicts. There is a spectrum where people fall for their battle on pornography.  

At you can QUIT PORN FOR GOOD. This program allows you to track your highs, lows, at any moment, and more. 

Choose love over porn. 

How Can Options For Women Help?

At Options For Women, we listen to your specific needs. We find referrals for you. We encourage you every step. It is not guaranteed to be easy, but the outcome is worth it. Our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. We are here for you! Schedule an appointment today.


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