Dangers of Birth Control

What Is Birth Control?

Birth control is the act of preventing a pregnancy. Both men and women use birth control. Birth control can be used through medications, procedures, devices, or behaviors. Before deciding on whether to use birth control, or wondering if you should quit, there are important facts users need to be aware of.

The Dangers Of Birth Control

Birth control can be convenient, for users, in the slowing or stopping of pregnancy. For consumer safety, learn what health issues can arise and what to do if you no longer want to use birth control.

Birth control has been linked to depression, blood clots, irritability, autoimmune diseases, bowel syndrome, diabetes, negative impact on gut health, negative impact on mental health, infertility, suicide, death, and more. Symptoms like these and others have shown in patients from short term use to long term use.

Birth control medications, procedures, or devices should not be consumed or used if:

  • Pregnant – can cause harm to unborn baby and mother
  • On additional medications that should not be used with birth control – can cause harm to user if mixed with a non suitable birth control form
  • Diabetes or cancers are present – birth control can cause additional complications

Alternatives For Me

Birth control does not fix all concerns and can leave men and women wondering if their birth control is acting effectively. There are alternatives that leave cycles regular and users feeling absolutely confident in their decision. 

These alternatives include:

  • Talking to a doctor – discuss your options, get advice
  • Going natural – allow your menstrual cycle to do what it was meant to do, menstrual cycles are natural!
  • Abstaining – waiting to have intercourse, typically after marriage

Talk with your doctor if you no longer wish to use birth control. Get all the information you need to make an informed decision on what works best for you. From pills to procedures you can stop at any time. For women, it may take a few months before your period returns to its regular cycle. 

With alternatives like these, you are left feeling completely confident in consumer usage – guaranteed!

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