Plan B and Emergency Contraception

Wondering if you had the possibility of conceiving? Did you know that a woman cannot get pregnant every day of every month? This means, if you recently had sex, you may not be pregnant.

You CAN Receive the Answers You Need: Here’s How….

Before considering Plan B or emergency contraception, make sure you have all of your personal health facts gathered: be aware of your monthly cycle through routine charting (Yes! This is a great method to determine your fertile window), verify potential pregnancy through lab-quality pregnancy testing at Options for Women, seek medical confirmation of potential pregnancy through ultrasound, understand the purpose and possibility of risk from various forms of emergency contraception, and discuss pregnancy options for you.

Our trained team of medical staff and Client Advocates can answer your questions and offer real-life support. Plan B and emergency contraception are serious medications, and you deserve to understand the facts.

Let’s Gather the Information

Did you recently have sex? Not sure if you could be pregnant?

We understand that you may have different feelings of uncertainty. We can help you process your concerns in a caring environment.

Cycle Tracking: Understand your Hormones, your Unique Biomarkers, and your Window of Fertility

Do you track your monthly cycles? Ever have irregular periods, feel anxious, bloated during specific times of the month, or simply not sure what is going on inside your body?
Women’s health programs, such as Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) help women understand their cycles and determine their fertility window. By understanding your cycles and potential times of fertility vs. infertility, you are empowered to understand your body, health, and situation. You don’t have to be left wondering and questioning!

Let’s Verify Through Testing

“How does a pregnancy test work?”

Typically, the first indicator of pregnancy is through a missed period. This is when women will seek pregnancy testing. Pregnancy testing is important for verification of the situation / potential pregnancy.

A home pregnancy test reads a woman’s hCG, or human Chorionic Gonadotropin, level. HCG is a hormone that is produced in a woman’s body during pregnancy. If a test is taken too early, a positive pregnancy may be missed.

NOTE: If you have irregular cycles, hCG levels during pregnancy may vary.

Medical Confirmation Through Ultrasound

Options for Women / River Falls offers ultrasound following positive pregnancy testing, on-site. Our Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound confirms how far along the pregnancy is, the location of the pregnancy, and whether the pregnancy is viable (likely to continue to the end).

Why Ultrasound Information is Useful

For determining how far along you are – An ultrasound technician will help determine how far along a pregnancy is. This information is helpful to determine the best care options for you.

To determine location of pregnancy – A pregnancy grows within a woman’s uterus. Pregnancies that implant outside of the uterus, often in the fallopian tube are considered ectopic pregnancies. This is rare but dangerous. Ectopic pregnancies must be caught early to avoid seizure, fever, pelvic pain, and death.

To determine the viability of pregnancy – Ultrasound is important from a medical perspective to help determine the viability of pregnancy. Did you know that 30% of pregnancies do not make it to the end. Did you know that 80% of miscarriages happen within the first trimester of a pregnancy? Some women miscarry and do not realize it.

Real-Life Support and Answers

At Options for Women / River Falls, we offer pregnancy testing, pregnancy information on abortion, adoption, and parenting, Plan B information, OB ultrasound, FEMM, connection to medical staff, mentoring with a certified Advocate, material assistance, and community referrals to support YOU. Our services are no-cost to you.

To schedule your appointment or learn more, call Options for Women / River Falls at (715) 425-8539 or visit


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